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Craving Yellow: My Natural Hair Journey part II

Part II: Craving Yellow TN Interview. 


TN:  How did going natural impact your life?

It still shocks and humbles me that Craving Yellow is what it is. For starters, who would have thought that I’d be sharing my haircare journey online with thousands of AMAZING readers?!  I’ve met so many amazing people as a result of going natural. I’ve learnt to trust the flow and embrace the unexpected.

TN:   How did you find the Tricia’s Naturals FB group way back then?

A friend of mine at work first told me about it in 2012. I joined as soon as I could! I love love love connecting with fellow Kenyan naturals. Where would Kenya’s natural hair community be without Tricia’s Naturals? Keep up the good work!

TN:   What effect has our community had on your natural hair journey?

Seeing fellow Kenyan naturals normalized natural hair care for me. Having grown most prominently amongst Black Americans, the natural hair community I found online back in 2011 was mainly speaking to a Western audience. Tricia’s Naturals offers a local context within which to understand and embrace our natural hair.tricias naturals napspiration craving yellow

TN: Thank you for those kind words! Living overseas how did you adapt to being a child of two worlds?

I  simply don’t fight it. I have an accent, and I drink soy milk rather than regular milk, but I also love githeri and go to ushago for Christmas. The constellation of events that has shaped my life so far is perfectly unique. And the beautifully chaotic explosion it has created is the beam of light I unapologetically share with the world.

[bctt tweet=" The constellation of events that has shaped my life so far is perfectly unique. And the beautifully chaotic explosion it has created is the beam of light I unapologetically share with the world."]

TN: Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.

I ran a book project when I was 17 that raised over 50,000 books for 40,000 students across Kenya. Education is a passion of mine. I’m working to integrate it into more of what I do on Craving Yellow.craving yellow african school girls

TN: Wow – Impressive! What made you laugh today?

I guess this would be “who” rather than “what” but my mum made me laugh today. We’re always giggling about the most random little things. She’s my star!

TN: Speaking of Mum, what do you love to eat?

Kenyan sausages particularly, Farmer’s Choice. And they have to be the spicy ones!

Urban Bites – Funky Fruit Chut’ny. I can eat a truckload. Literally.

Chicken. Of course chicken. Okay to be specific, KFC chicken. Hehe! 🙂tricias naturals craving yellow farmers choice sausages

TN : What do you do for exercise?

I’ve just gotten into Bikram Yoga. It’s great for flexibility and cleansing my body of toxins. I also enjoy running.

TN: What is one crazy item on your bucket list?

I would LOVE to go to India. Like literally spend 3 months or so exploring and getting to know its various cultures.tricias naturals craving yellow India

TN:  What do you do for fun?

I have a very close and tight-knit circle of friends so I hang out with them a lot. I also love a good snooze. Yes, sleep is fun for! #adulting

TN:  What do you do for work?

I run the blog full time now but I’ve been working on it part-time and working in Brands and Corporate Communications full-time over the past two and a half years. I have a degree in Political Science.

TN:  How did your time at Boma (Kenya High School) shape you?☺

Funny enough, Boma made me slightly obsessed with routine. I really do enjoy a regimented life! Haha! Also, I was a prefect, so I honed  my leadership skills at Kenya High.craving yellow tricias naturals boma kenya high school

TN: What is one thing you’re utterly useless at and have given up trying to learn

French. I’ve taken classes, on and off,  from when I was 7 years old. And the only thing I find fascinating is that objects can have “genders.” That’s it. That’s all I know about French.

TN : What is one unusual talent you possess?

I play the guitar and can write music. I even recorded a single when I was 14. Yes my Mum was one of the super-mamas who enrolled us in all things under the sun – swimming, music, art, dance. You name it, I’ve probably tried it! Lol.

TN:  What would you like to tell our readers today?

Can I just make a shameless plug and say – come along to my Instagram and YouTube (Craving Yellow)! I hope I can inspire you to embrace your kinks and coils and learn a tip or two from you as well. Okay, end of shameless blogger plug 🙂

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