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Herbal hair rinses

Reader Question:  How do I use herbs to rinse my hair, and why is it beneficial?

A: Naturally curly hair is often susceptible to environmental and manipulative damage. This means your hair may be more prone to dryness and breakage. The advantage of a herbal hair rinse is that it treats and strengthens the hair and scalp. It is also said to have a healthy pH that is more beneficial than simply using tap water to rinse the hair. A third advantage is that the
ingredients are usually inexpensive and readily available. herbal hair rinse peppermint

Hair rinses reportedly stimulate and nourish the scalp, facilitating healthy hair growth. Some herbs have the potential to help repair scalp disorders such as dandruff and itchy or flaky scalp. Certain herbal hair rinses also double up as setting lotions, since they improve curl definition and enable the hair to hold a style better.


Common hair rinses

herbal hair rinse

Apple cider vinegar:

This (not quite herbal) rinse is a popular easy fix to clarify and restore the hair’s pH.


Invigorating and cleansing. Sage can be purchased from green grocers
and supermarkets and boiled to make a tea for rinsing. You can get your own sage seedlings from Organic Farmer’s Markets.



This gentle rinse soothes and heals the scalp, aids with dry patches, eczema and dandruff.

Lemon and Tea Tree:

Helps to heal flaky scalp and reduce dandruff. Tea tree has potent antimicrobial properties and is excellent for healing skin disorders. Note that lemon juice can lighten your hair, and avoid getting tea tree into eyes.


Use peppermint tea bags from the shop, or pluck a few mint leaves of your own. Cool and use. This refreshing and invigorating rinse is excellent for overall scalp health and may be helpful in dealing with thinning hair. Rosemary tea scalp rinse is also excellent for hair growth.herbal hair rinse


These are some of my personal favourites. Boil a few leaves from these or any fruit tree you have in your area for five minutes. Simmer for 15 minutes. Cool and refrigerate. Pour onto hair and scalp when you next wash your hair.

You can purchase of these herbs, teas and oils from supermarkets or from our Tricia’s Naturals Marketplace.



Other well-known rinses include black tea (said to reduce shedding) and coffee rinses.



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