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Jay Cee : 6 month hair growth challenge rules

To begin your six month hair growth challenge here are the steps to follow:

1. Check if your hair needs a trim and do it before you start.

2. Take a length check photo, note that you don’t have to straighten your hair to do this. Simply pulling down a piece or pieces of your hair down to the maximum extent they can stretch is sufficient. After 3 months we will take another length check photo and repeat when the challenge is done.

3. Prepoo, cleanse, and deep condition your hair at least twice a month. If you will be in braids remember to dilute the products in water before using them in order to prevent build up. Also check the files section for the document on how to care for your hair when in braids. If you are experiencing dandruff shampoo hair weekly. You can use a medicated shampoo or try African black soap. Every 6-8 weeks or as needed you will do a light protein treatment followed by a moisturising deep conditioner. I say as needed because not everyone needs a protein treatment that often. You can also use other non protein strengthening treatments such as henna.henna protein treatment

4. Moisturize using the Loc method. This basically means layering products to promote maximum moisture retention. You apply water, aloe Vera juice or a water based leave in conditioner followed by Oil then a cream or butter. Do this once a week or twice a week. Don’t do it daily, that could create product build up that comes with its own set of complications.

5. Practice low manipulation styling. The less you have to touch or fiddle with your hair the less opportunity it has to break. Pick a style where you don’t have to comb or overly manipulate your hair for at least a week. The choice of style is up to you.

6. Spritz your hair on days between wash days. A spritz is basically a spray bottle filled with majority water and a little oil. You can add in a tablespoon or two of conditioner and even things like aloe Vera juice and glycerine. Start with water and oil then you can play around with the ingredients and see what works best for you. You can spray your hair with this mix once or twice a day depending on your hair’s needs.beginners guide natural hair spritz bottle

7. Protect your hair at night when you sleep by using a silk or satin scarf or bonner or sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. Cotton tends to draw out moisture from the hair and causes friction which leads to breakage. Breakage will result in little to no length.

8. Be ¬†gentle when detangling hair, make sure your comb is smooth and not rugged in between the teeth coz that causes breakage. Also use a wide toothed comb. Try your hand out at finger detangling. It can be time consuming but when done well it can greatly minimise breakage. For a start you can do some finger detangling then use a comb. For those who have already been doing that, try and challenge yourself to doing only finger detangling. No combs. I promise you will see such a positive change in your length retention. Your fingers can feel knots allowing you to stop and gently work your hair out of the knot but I comb can’t feel so it’s easy to just rip out a knot and cause breakage.

9. Avoid heat or minimise your usage of heat. Try heat less stretching methods like matutas, chunky twists, rollers, curl formers, threading, banding etc. If your hair dresser insists on using heat despite stretching your hair well with those methods then you may need to find a new hair dresser. For those who are unable to quit heat cold turkey then try using medium or low heat. The blow dyer has different heat settings. But your hair would really thrive if you stayed away from heat straightening for these 6 months.

10. Do scalp massages using natural oils like castor oil. This is especially for those having issues with edges. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to add the stimulation power. If you can do them daily for 3 to 5 minutes that would be great but try at least 3 times a week.

11. Avoid accessories that rip out your hair like jagged clips and hair ties with that metal thing as well as rubber bands.

12. Eat nutritious foods. Make sure you have enough protein, more veggies especially raw, some fruit, less sugar, enough water, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and avoid stress. A healthy body and mind will allow you to grow healthy hair.



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