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Shirley Bee : 3 Heatless Styling Options for Natural Hair

shirley bee no heat styles

Are you trying to achieve curls without heat to help you retain length? Do you dislike the thought of blow-dry styling or going under the dryer? Here are three of my go-to tools to style natural hair:

Many stylists and natural hair enthusiasts have found that using a setting lotion on damp hair gives the curls a smooth and polished look and hold. While some prefer using some of these tools on stretched natural hair for added volume, others like me who don’t mind the shrinkage use them on freshly washed, damp natural hair.  I personally use diluted ‘Lottabody’ setting lotion and add a styling product like Awali Naturals Butters to my hair for moisture retention.

All these styling tools are available online on websites like Alibaba, Amazon or ebay, at local beauty supply stores and in many social media ‘marketplace’ groups. You can even have them delivered to you  on the same day you order!

shirley bee no heat styles

Below are a few pictures of  the results I’ve been able to achieve using the different tools on different lengths of hair.  Enjoy 🙂

shirley bee no heat styles

shirley bee no heat styles

shirley bee no heat curly styles

Click here if you’d like to see the full video tutorial of how I did the curlformers set.
I don’t have a favorite styling tool, mainly because I keep changing my hair and sometimes I combine them. Using the styling tools on different hair textures, types and lengths gives me the pleasure of experiencing the versatility of our beautiful naturally curly hair.So, what are your favorite styling tools? What has been your experience using them? Feel free to comment and share. Keep smiling 🙂
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