How to do your Everyday makeup like a Pro

Hi TN!
My name is Joy aka Sunshine Balogun. I am a celebrity makeup artist based in Nairobi. You probably have seen my Facebook page Sunshine’s Beautiful Brides. My everyday look is way tamer than my usual full face beat. It’s for days when I want to look put together, without going all the way with contouring and lashes. or when I have under 20 minutes to do my makeup. This is my most requested look, and I will show you exactly how to replicate it for a clean, polished, professional everyday appearance.
 Oh, and yes my hair is all Natural! I keep a simple minimalist natural hair routine where my hair is mostly in a bun or other protective styles.
1. After priming my face (I usually use Becca ever matte primer, because I have oily skin), I apply my foundation. This eliminates the need to use concealer above my brows, and that saves me about 5 minutes.
makeup joy sunshine balogun puff
2. I gently fill in my brows. Usually I concentrate on the tail end of my brows, as my brows are fuller at beginning part. I emphasis my arch with concealer. For my everyday look, I do my brows smaller than I’d do for a more dramatic look. I also use the concealer all over my eyelids to cover my dark circles and act as eyeshadow base.
makeup sunshine joy
3. I usually lean towards mattes and earth toned shades for my everyday look. My current favourite palette is the Morphe Brushes 35OM palette.
makeup palette sunshine
4. I line my top and bottom lash line with a black line. I follow this with an application mascara to my non-existent lashes.
 makeup joy sunshine
5. I apply concealer under my eyes, and set my whole face with powder. My all time favourite is MAC studio fix powder. It’s actually a foundation, so it gives more coverage. Depending on my mood, I use blush. Then set makeup with a setting spray.
6. I usually finish off with a lipstick. I personally don’t do glosses, because I feel like my makeup isn’t complete without lipstick. Even if I do settle for a nude lipstick.

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