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Hairitage 3.0 : Nyasuba Lando of Nurtured Knotts

TN: Tell us about yourself and when you went natural.

Nyasuba: ​ Nyasuba Lando Lando means a lady who hails from Suba, Mfangano Island (which is in Homabay County)​ and who is ‘brown brown” or yellow yellow if you will. I went Natural way back in 2008, but officially in Dec 2011.

TN: What are some positive improvements you have seen for natural hair in Kenya since then?

​Nyasuba: I never realized that there was a hurdle because most of the time I was in braids, but I would say, I did not know which products were best suited for my hair. The positive improvements is that through the natural hair groups, we have learnt how to take care of our hair. There are Kenyan made products that are readily available and inexpensive. The internet has also been a plus, because you can get information easily.

TN: What role did Tricia’s Naturals play in your hair journey when you first went natural?

​Nyasuba: Whoa!! TN is the mother!!! I honestly do appreciate this group so much and the admins. I learnt so much from this group, about products and hair styles. My mentors Tricia Wanjala and Nina Odongo were ever so ready to answer questions day after day. I do appreciate these ladies.

TN: Nyasuba, what is your go-to hairstyle?

For my natural hair, I do love bantu knots and flat twists, now that I have become a lazy natural (yes it happens) I love low manipulation hairdos that take less than 5 minutes to do in the morning, i.e faux bun.

​Nyasubalocs: I am totally amazed at how this became a thing lol!!
I always did twists on my hair; I wanted something different. I had never done box braids. One day I saw this wonderful do on Onea On Hair’s Facebook page and I consulted. I was afraid of weight cos I get headaches with heavy braids. I was scared of pain while being installed. Onea convinced me and I went. (This was in mid July 2015, girl!!!) I almost slept while my hair was being done!!! She was gentle, braids were light, I totally loved them and posted on Kurly Diaries. Someone named them ‘Nyasubalocs’ and history was made.​

TN: What advice would you give yourself as a new natural in retrospect?

​Nyasuba: Less is more. Know your hair, know what works for you. Embrace and love your hair as is.

TN: What led you to create Nurtured Knotts?

​Nyasuba: We wanted diversity and openness in our facebook. We wanted members to feel included, feel free, open and honest.​

TN: Who else are in your team?

​Nyasuba: Prisca Wakio (Mdawida Tiki) and Brenda Khaimia (Nakhulo Natabona Khaimia) ​

TN: Tell us about your upcoming event.

​Nyasuba: Our event is on the 7th Oct 2017 at the Jockey Club Ngong Race Course from 10am to 7pm, and an after party later at the Curragh Irish Pub & Bistro

TN: What can we expect to experience on October 7th?

​Nyasuba: There will be lots of activity. Amazing vendors with wonderful products and discounts, live salon experience, beauty bar, talk bar with our favorite influencers, lots of goodie bags, lots of fun, mingling and interactions.​

 hairitage festival nyasuba

TN: Parting shot:

​Nyasuba: Live, Love Laugh.​

nyasuba lando lando



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