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Jay Cee : How to Style your Natural Hair for Maximum Growth

Maximum hair growth. We all want it – that’s why you’re reading this article, right? 🙂 We all know that natural hair grows longest when it is left alone. Hmmm….but how do you leave it alone and still style it to look cute and presentable? Here is how you can achieve phenomenal growth like your favourite natural hair guru, while slaying all day!  To achieve this, you will have to pick styles that don’t require everyday combing and restyling.maximum growth

Two Proven Methods for achieving Hair Growth

  1. Protective styling:  the ends of your hair are tucked away. These include crotchet braids, wigs, weaves, braiding or twisting  with extensions, cornrowing with or without extensions, two strand twists or plaits (matutas or rastas with ends tucked into a bun.) Bantu knots, roll tuck and pin. Flat twists. But don’t leave them in too long! If you go past the 6 week mark you will lose a lot of hair through shedding, and that may negate your gains!
  2. Low manipulation styling. Your ends may not be tucked in but you aren’t fiddling with your hair or combing it daily. This also covers a wide range of styles like finger or comb coils, roller sets, twists or braids without hair extensions. Do buns, puffs, roll tuck and pin if you will be restyling more than once a week. Be careful with puffs though, as the ends can often get terribly tangled. Twist outs, braid outs and bantu knot outs are secondary styling methods that can last for two weeks without you fiddling with your hair. Wash and go’s can also be a low manipulation style for some hair types. (Not mine though, I would get tangles from hell!)maximum growth

Remember to choose a style that allows you to wash and deep condition your hair regularly and also to moisturize regularly. If your style doesn’t allow that then it’s not ideal. Remember we are to wash and deep condition weekly or at the very minimum, monthly.

Baby your Edges for Maximum Growth

Also make sure your style doesn’t thin your edges, cause thinning or bald spots from too much pulling. If you feel ANY pain or discomfort while styling your hair, STOP. Pain is a sign that you are damaging your hair, scalp or both. Do not allow your hairdresser to convince you otherwise.

Miminize use of heat or avoid it altogether for the next 6 months. You can use any of the heat less methods of straightening hair mentioned earlier. For those with stylists who insist on heat you can ask them to choose the lower settings. But many of them end up trying to crank up the heat so you’re better off using a heatless method.

Protect your hair at night for maximum growth

Whichever style you choose, remember to protect your hair at night using a silk or satin scarf or bonnet or sleep on a satin pillowcase. This protects moisture loss, minimizes friction and also preserves your style for longer.tricias naturals 5 skin care habits

For maximum hair growth and length, I strongly advise you to wear protective or low manipulation styles for majority of the time. Once in a while you can wear your hair open. Remember the key to succeeding in our 6 month hair growth challenge is to nourish our hair and let it be. This means all your touching and fiddling with your beautiful mane will be saved only for wash day. What other tips have you discovered to keep your hair growing luxuriantly? Share below!





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