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How to twist your hair perfectly

Q: I recently got twists done on my hair at a natural hair salon. In spite of the expense, the twists looked dry and dull, with frizzy ends. I have watched several videos but I am still unsure. How do I do them properly?

A: Two-strand twists are a simple, beautiful, low maintenance style for natural hair. It is versatile and presentable, for kids and adults alike. Twists also help you achieve long, thick hair because they reduce breakage and manipulation. However, not all twists are created equal. Here are some pointers to help you achieve the perfect twists, and subsequently the perfect twist-out.

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  • Always twist clean, residue-free hair. The hair should be free of build-up from excessive application of styling products.
  • Detangle the hair carefully before you begin twisting.
  • Using a detangling brush or comb, prepare each section just before you twist it.
  • For firm twists, take two sections of hair of equal thickness. Twist from the base of your scalp and combine the two chunks of hair closely together.
  • Keep the two sections of hair taut when twisting, in order to stretch the hair and produce good definition.
  • Overlap the two sections neatly while twisting with your wrist in opposite directions. This produces a shiny, sleek result.
  • Do not twist loosely from the ends as if installing braids – twist from the beginning and maintain tightness and adequate tension.
  • Always twirl the ends of the hair completely, adding extra product to the ends to reduce dryness and seal the twist. Failure to do this will result in frizzy, dry, unsightly ends.napspiration vikky wambui twist


This hair style is versatile and pretty. Try doing the twists and leaving them in for a week, then unravel them the following week for a highly defined twist out.With practise and some pointers from expert YouTube videos, you will soon understand how to do your own twists properly. Be patient and set aside plenty of time to allow you to do a good job. The hairstylist who created this video has decades of experience, handed down from her Mum, a Master Natural hair stylist. Watch and learn!

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Posted by Step by Step Natural Hairstyling on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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