Help! I’m pregnant and my skin is acting up!

Real solutions for your Pregnancy Beauty woes

If there is ever a time to care about the purity and integrity of the beauty products that we use, it is during pregnancy. It is critical that we do what we can to avoid harmful toxins and chemicals when expecting a little one! Unfortunately, pregnancy can be accompanied by a myriad of beauty woes for which we may not know a pregnancy-safe and natural treatment. We have compiled a list of common beauty dilemmas during pregnancy, common treatments for them which are not pregnancy-safe, and natural alternatives:

pregnancy beauty woes solution

Pregnancy Stretch marks

Stretch marks are not totally avoidable – if they happen, they happen. They are largely determined by genetics; if your mother had them, chances that you will, too. However, the regular application of gentle, natural oils and butters (such as shea butter) during pregnancy can greatly help with minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. Look for an oil blend containing Shea Butter to help you with those stretch marks!

Dry, itchy skin during pregnancy

Unfortunately, for many, that famous “pregnancy glow” is the stuff of legends. Dry, itchy, and even flaky is skin can accompany pregnancy. Avoid treating with creams, lotions, and moisturisers that contain binders and fillers. Look for products with skin-soothing (and 100% natural!) ingredients like and nourishing oils such as Jojoba Oil. Additionally, incorporating a gentle toner mist can help you fight dry skin on your face. A non-toxic cream containing shea butter and essential oils is ideal because tt also helps with eczema. An all-over body oil is a great solution because as your belly stretches to accommodate your growing baby, it often itches too.pregnancy beauty woes itchy

Acne in pregnancy

Breaking out during pregnancy? You’re not alone. In fact, blemishes are very common during pregnancy, when your hormones are all over the place. Swap harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide for gentler solutions – for example, glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, which are derived from sugarcane. Also consider any factors of your lifestyle that may be within your control, such as consuming more healthy fats and increasing your water intake!

Melasma during pregnancy

Melasma may occur during pregnancy, especially in those with fair skin. It is a kind of hyperpigmentation that is increased by sun exposure. You can avoid it by applying an all-natural, mineral-based sunscreen, wearing appropriate attire (long sleeves and a hat) when in the sun, and minimising time spent in the sun. pregnancy skin care woes solution fahari naturals

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