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How to sleep with your Twist-out and Afro styles

The Best night-time routine to preserve your Twist-out or Afro.

When our natural hair begins to gain length, it is normal to want to wear it out in a loose afro or in a voluminous twist-out.

To prevent matting and tangling, we are told we should moisturise daily and put the hair in  twists at night before bed. Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood commented on this during her trip to Kenya sometime back. It is vital to protect your hair and preserve the style when sleeping hence the need to twist.

However, depending on the size and tightness of your twists, doing it daily might be too much. If you go overboard, this could lead to your hair breaking and shedding. If your hair is long enough (shoulder length or longer) just put it in a pineapple or loose pony tail and sleep on a satin pillow case.

This will give it even more body the following day. If it is shorter, a satin bonnet might be the answer. Instead of retwisting, use loose, large matutas or mini-pineapples using hair bands. Ensure that you are not over-moisturising on a daily basis. If you spray too much of your water-based spritz and it causes the hair to lose definition and become frizzy, this means you have used too much. Instead, spray just a fine mist, or alternate with simply using a light oil on your tresses.

If your hair is straightened by blow drying or African threading, follow Tricia’s Naturals Admin Shirley Bee’s method below:




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