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Best Oil for Naturally Curly Hair

TN Reader Question: I would like to invest in the best oil for my natural hair. Which ones do you recommend?

Natural oils serve different functions. Some work best as sealants to keep moisture in, others work better prior to washing your hair. Everyone’s hair is different so you may find that your hair does not like a certain oil, yet it produces miracle results on another person’s hair.

An example of this is coconut oil. Due to its affordable and versatile nature, you should definitely try virgin coconut oil for your type 4 hair as a pre-shampoo treatment.

Other good pre-poo oils for type 4 hair include ghee and sunflower oil. They work well to soften and protect hair, especially when mixed with conditioner.

To add moisture and slip to your detangling routine, avocado oil, moringa oil, and olive oil are good oils to combine with your normal conditioner. These oils also work well for scalp massage to increase circulation to your hair.

Shea butter is loved by many type 4s because it nourishes the hair when applied on top of your leave-in conditioner. It works well as a sealant to prevent dryness.

Castor oil is ideal for massaging the temples and boosting hairline recovery, and for sealing ends and reducing frizz.

The list of oils is endless and some honorable mentions include baobab oil, yangu oil and argan oil. They are excellent but can be pricey.

Start with affordable staples and if you feel they don’t give you the desired results, read reviews to help you decide which of the more expensive oils you can splurge on.



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