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Craving Yellow : Growing into Womanhood and my Natural Hair Journey


As many of you know, Tabitha Tongoi, aka Craving Yellow, has been around here in the motherland of Kenya. Tricia’s Naturals caught up with her for an exclusive interview on life as a global citizen embracing her natural hair and chasing sunshine! 🙂

TN: Tell us, when exactly did you leave home for the first time?

I grew up in Kenya and moved to South Africa at the age of 17 to pursue my A-Levels. I then moved to the United States and thereafter the United Kingdom for University. My last stop has been Australia where I’ve spent the last two years building a career in Branding & Corporate Communications.

TN: What was it like ?

Exciting! I love new challenges, the thrill of adventure; discovering new cities and making new friends. I kept an open mind; knowing full well that the world is still adjusting to young, black, African, educated women and doesn’t always know how to relate to us. Nonetheless, I set my own rules and goals. I have thus influenced and directed how people have relate with my energy.

TN: Do you have brothers and sisters? Do they read your blog? 🙂

I have two older siblings – yes I am the baby! They do read my blog. My brother actually gave me the okay to name my blog “Craving Yellow.”  I published my first post while spending Christmas at his house in Colorado.

TN:  Which three spots in your travels have stir(red) your soul the most?

England takes all three spots! I spent some time studying in Oxford.. That was a time and place of self-discovery for me. There, Craving Yellow started to come forth – I broke out of my shell and found my own voice.

craving yellow tabitha tongoi

TN: What prompted your return to natural hair?

I moved to the USA as a student and had no clue how to keep my hair. So I did a few google searches and stumbled upon the natural hair community. Back then, there were only a couple of bloggers and YouTubers. I read all I could on natural hair and then chopped off my relaxed ends eight months later. It’s been 6 years since and I haven’t looked back.

TN : What are the three biggest lessons your hair has taught you?

Self-love. Self-acceptance. Self-care. I’m learning to wholly love the skin I’m in and relish my unique journey around the sun.

TN :  Our readers are dying to know your regimen! Do share? 😉

My hair regimen mostly consists of three basic steps – cleansing, conditioning and protective styling. I pre-poo, I cowash, deep condition, do regular ACV rinses, and always finish with an ice-cold water rinse!(I have a brave heart!) I wrap with a t-shirt then once it Is 70% dry I do the L.O.C method to seal in moisture. Basically live in two-strand twists and do my best to keep my ends protected.

TN: What local Kenyan products are you loving right now?

Fluffy Buttah’s Berry Butter – great for sealing

Bu.Ke’s Almond Butter – also excellent for sealing

Jesavi’s Rain Line – they have many imported brands but their Rain line is affordable and smells fab

Sheth Natural’s Oils – I’m reaching for the Jojoba Oil lots

Zene Naturals Hair Food – this is an upcoming Kenyan brand that is making some HIGH quality soaps and hair foods.


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In Part 2 of this Interview read Tabitha’s hair growth advice, her bucket list, surprising quirks and more on her journey as a young African woman overseas.




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