Hair Care

Why Steam your Natural Hair


Q: Should I steam my hair?

A: Steaming used to be widely popular as a method of treating your hair in many Kenyan salons. With time, though, the ubiquitous hair dryer replaced the steamer. The reason is not that the steamer was ineffective, but because it was expensive for the salon owners to invest in two gadgets when just one could do double-duty. With the advent of the Natural Hair Rennaissance in the U.S, many ladies who do their own hair at home realized the benefits of using steam when treating your hair. Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, or your hair is in locs, the steam works in a unique way. It lifts the hair cuticles and gets the hair shaft to swell up and absorb more moisture. Your conditioner thus penetrates much more deeply into each strand of the hair. It thus retains moisture and softness, becoming healthier, more manageable and less prone to breakage from manipulation and heat. You can purchase your own home-steamer if your salon does not have one.   Alternatively, when you go to the Spa or the Gym, use every opportunity to steam your natural hair. 





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