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My baby girl’s hair is not growing!

Q: My daughter’s hair won’t grow. She is 18 months and her hair is short and sparse. What can I put to make it grow?

A: Some babies are born with a full head of thick luxuriant curls. Others are born with original mo-hawks, which seem to remain the same length for a long time. If your baby girl’s hair seems to be refusing to grow, take heart. Children are different and their developmental progress is not the same. However, they are still considered within normal growth girl hair not grow

Children are Different

For instance, African babies are often born with lots of hair, whereas Caucasian babies are born bald and the hairgrows in slowly over the next few years. Your daughter may still be sporting a short Mohawk unti her third year while her fellow kindergarteners may have back-length hair. By the age of 3 be assured that she will have a full head of hair. Many cultures advocate shaving baby’s hair off, claiming it will grow back thicker. There is no scientific proof that shaving the hair has any impact at all on the baby’s hair growth rate.

baby girl hair grow

Your Genes Matter

Understand that our genetic blueprint plays a big part, so her hair will likely resemble yours or your family’s. Ensure that she drinks plenty of water. Her diet should have adequate  sources of protein, as this is vital for growth and development including hair growth. Do not blow dry the hair at this age. And do not even think of using so-called kiddie-perms, relaxers or texturisers. These contain dangerous chemicals which seep into the scalp and enter the bloodstream. Knowingly putting these on your daughter’s head has been likened to child abuse.  Do your research – if you have been using these chemicals, stop immediately.

baby girl hair grow

Don’t Force Her Hair

So long as you do not tamper with it or try to force it into tight plaited styles,  braids or tight rubber bands, it will grow in and cover all the bald spots.  Remember, children are delicate, especially because the skull at this stage is still forming.

Save the elaborate thinly-plaited styles and braided extensions for when your little girl is much older. For now, have her sleep on a silk or satin pillow or crib covering to protect her hair from drying out at night. Keep her hair well moisturised by using natural oils and a spray bottle containing a water-based conditioning mist. Avoid combing while dry, and use heat-free methods to stretch the hair. When styling use only covered soft bands, never rubber bands or metalic hair clips. These healthy hair practises go a lot to help your child to have a lovely head of girl hair grow

Be Positive

Finally, speak love into your child’s hair. Even when you think she is too small to understand, do not say negative things about her hair or any of her physical attributes. When you oil her hair or wash or massage her scalp, always do so gently and use positive words and phrases. This goes a long way to teaching her to love and cherish herself just the way she is , including her naturally curly hair.






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