This Drink will Supercharge your Health

By Tricia Wanjala

Suppose I told you an ancient drink exists that can transform your life today? A tonic nicknamed ‘Jewish penicillin’, because of it’s natural antibiotic effects? The same beverage Hollywood women are calling ‘Botox in a cup’ because of it’s youth-regenerating effects?  The Chinese call it ‘longevity tea.’ 12th-century Jewish physician Moshe Ben Maimonides recommended it to his patients for respiratory tract infections. Now in the 21st century science has proved what your grandmother knew: chicken soup or bone broth is one of the most healing, nutrient-rich substances known to man. Although rare in modern western diets, bone broth continues to be a treasured staple among billions.

bone broth benefits supercharge

9 Benefits of bone broth:

1 Nutritional Powerhouse: Rich in electrolytes and minerals, bone broths contain bio-available iron, silica, phosphorus, sulphur and trace minerals largely deficient in our modern diets.

2 Joint support: Dr Joseph Mercola explains that broth inhibits joint pain and inflammation, courtesy of chondroitin sulphates, glucosamine and other compounds. They also improve bone density, slowing the onset of osteoporosis.

3 Digestive tonic: Bone broth contains soothing gelatin, which is a hydrophilic colloid, attracting and holding liquids essential for proper digestion. You are what you digest, not just what you eat – broth helps you better absorb all the nutrients.

4 Flu buster: The amino-acid cysteine from chicken broth thins the mucous, enabling it to be easily expelled. Bone broth hastens recovery from colds and flu. Arginine has been found to be particularly beneficial for the treatment of sepsis (infection.)

5 Auto-Immune boost: Dr Natasha Campbell- McBride, inventor of the GAPS diet, explains that gelatinous bone broth ‘heals and seals the gut’, restoring the mucosal lining. This facilitates recovery for those with Leaky Gut Syndrome, helping to resolve chronic autoimmune disorders and neurological illnesses.bone broth chicken broth health benefits

6 Sleep aid: Amino-acids such as glycine, proline and arginine all combat stress and have a relaxing effect, which may help you sleep better.

7 Post-partum recovery: In Kenya every tribe makes its nursing mothers drink broth. The mineral-rich fluid nourishes mother and baby, replenishing vital nutrients lost during pregnancy and childbirth.

bone broth benefits health pregnancy

8 Calcium supplement: A necessity in cultures that do not use dairy products, and for the lactose-intolerant, broth is an excellent replacement.

9 Beauty: Author Sylvie McCracken shows that gelatin found in broth helps remineralise your teeth. It also improves collagen integrity, reducing wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks. And the silica in broth is excellent for hair growth, skin and nails.

10 Economical and environmentally friendly: Highly affordable and frugal because nothing is wasted. You can get bones from your butcher for next to nothing. The leftover scraps are biodegradable for making compost.

bone broth benefits health

Bonus Tip : If you really want to pimp your soup and make it super-nourishing, boil it for several hours or use a pressure cooker. Soup made with joints, marrow bones, chicken feet and hooves is much richer in nutrients. Do you have a favourite broth recipe? Or would you like the vegetarian version of this soup? Comment below to share your views.






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