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Guest Post: How to Grow Healthy Natural Hair.

By Delly Bie

Natural Hair Blogger, and TN Member

Hello my name is Delly Bie and I have had natural hair for 2 years now. I recently started blogging about my natural hair and I have been enjoying my journey so far. Here are my tips for how I have achieved my healthy, thick, natural hair so far.

1) Keep your hair moisturized:

This is the most important tip to growing long, strong and  beautiful hair. Our African hair texture is very curly, thus making it difficult for oil from the roots to transfer to the ends of our hair. this implies that more time should be spent on taking care of the ends or tips of our hair, since it easily gets dry and its the oldest part of our hair. The following methods are best at keeping your hair moisturized:

  • drinking lots of water. This  helps you from inside out. Also spray a little amount of water daily to massage hair before styling.
  • use conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • deep condition your hair minimum twice a month.
  • leave in conditioner sealed with a cream, oil or butter after each wash.

2 )  Use oil in your hair:

Going by the nature of our African hair being curly, the rate at which oil transfers naturally from the roots to the ends of our hair is very slow. Thus it is important that we apply oil on scalp daily to prevent dryness.  Oils containing petroleum and minerals are not good. Some very important examples I can recommend are castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil, Moroccan argan oil, olive oil etc.

how grow african hair long healthy natural

3) Practice trimming your hair when necessary

I know a lot of us are so emotional when it comes to cutting our hair. But it is very important to trim dead ends in order for our hair to grow and look healthy. Trimming dead ends reduces breakage thus helping retain length.


4) Protect the ends of your hair

The ends of our hair are the most delicate. This is because it is the oldest part of your hair. So it needs some extra tender love and care. This can be done by keeping your hair in a protective style such as high buns with ends tucked in. That way your ends can retain moisture and prevent breakage. Braiding is another way to protect your ends from being damage. But do not braid too tight as to damage hair from roots.

5) Cover your hair especially at night:

Always make sure to cover your hair during bed time. Use scarves made out of satin. Satin material does not absorb the moisture or oil from your hair. You can go a step further by using satin pillows.

6) Eat healthy Foods:

There are certain foods that contain the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. These include fish, avocados, pumpkin seeds, eggs, spinach, greek yogurt, vegetables and fruits. These contain protein, vitamins and minerals that will enrich your scalp and stimulate hair growth.

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Got some healthy hair journey tips of your own? Comment below to share. Follow Delly on her Social Media.



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