How to keep your makeup bag clean

We’ve all had the experience of reaching into our makeup bags and coming out with lipstick or eyeliner stains on our hands. Many of us move around with our makeup bags from the house, to the office, to the gym, and to any other event. Therefore it’s normal for items to move around in the bag. You might find that the lid for your eyeliner has cracked, causing it to fall off, or your lipstick has opened, thereby smudging everything else. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our makeup bags always seem to be in a mess.

makeup bag

How can you keep your bag clean and take care of your products?

1. Choose the right bag

Chose bags that have a plastic lining as these are easier to keep clean. Alternatively, insert a makeup bag organizer which will keep everything in its place.

2. Pack the Essentials

Most of the time we don’t use or need everything in our makeup bag. Do you really need to carry 5 different eyeshadow and 3 different lipsticks? Keep it simple and pack what you use daily. This may include, a concealer, foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and makeup wipes. Carrying only the essentials will also save you money, as you buy only what you need.

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3. Pack items that can be covered

If you’ve lost the lid for your favorite lip liner, leave it at home. There’s no point of carrying something that will get damaged and mess up your bag. Ensure that all your items have lids which won’t fall off. If you must carry a particular item, place it in a small sealable plastic bag.

4. Be Gentle with your bag

If your makeup bag is at the bottom of your gym bag and you throw this bag in the boot of your car, some items may spill or break. Remember to keep your bag in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, to keep everything in good condition. Heat and damp when combined with makeup, may encourage bacteria to breed.

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5. Regular cleaning

– Wipe your brushes on a tissue to get rid of excess powder after every use, and wash them with soapy water every week.
– Keep your sponges in a ziplock bag and wash weekly.
– Every week, wipe down all the makeup items and the inside of your makeup bag.

With a little effort, you can maintain your makeup bag in the best condition.



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