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TN Interview : Kirigo Kabuga, Sisterlocks Master Stylist

Kirigo Kabuga has been a Sisterlocks Master Stylist for 5 years now. She has grown from a trainee, to a Sisterlocks consultant and is now the 4th Sisterlocks Master Stylist in a Worldwide Ranking. She is based between Baltimore and Nairobi.sisterlocks

– What are Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks as described be the founder Dr. Joanne Cornwell, “Sisterlocks are a framework in which the locks exist. Basically small parts of your hair with guided sections and a formulated grid. Constructed using a tool.sisterlocks

– How do they differ from nappylocs, babylocs and tiny dreadlocs?

What really differs from the other locking systems is the Sisterlocks grid and parting system. Also they are small which offers increased styling options when compared. Finally Sisterlocks first considers your individual curl pattern in order to define the locking pattern. So a different series of rotations is used when manipulating the locking tool on different heads of hair, to produce the best results possible for each individual.


– What is the Sisterlocs grid, ad why is it important?

The official grid is one of the things that qualifies Sisterlocks to be Sisterlocks.  It is the basic foundation. It is put into consideration even before the Sisterlocks are installed. The Grid is also used as a guide for delegating work if you are working as a team. More information is offered in the training class.

– Why do Sisterlocks cost so much?

This is the number one asked question in the Sisterlocks arena and beyond. One reason is that the training is very intense and not many continue after training. The work is intense and can take toll on the body after so many hours. The bottom line is it’s labour intensive.

– How should one care for their new Sisterlocks in the first year?

Your Sisterlocks provider should always instruct how home care should be performed. The baby Sisterlocks need some gentle care in the first year. Bundling is a must until your Sisterlocks begin to show signs of maturity which means it will not unravel or come undone (better known as Slippage.)

Do they use any special products, gels or waxes?

When you get newly established Sisterlocks you need to avoid products as much as you can. Use plain water and the sisterlocs shampoo only. This is so that the Sisterlocks natural settling process can take place, and for each curl pattern the process will differ. Some may get through this process quicker than others.sisterlocks

– What do you love about your own Sisterlocs?

I love the freedom of hair choice that my Sisterlocks offer me. Whether I style them or I don’t, people seem to be attracted by them. They grow so fast so I’ve cut them and watched them grow several times. This is Freedom!

– How did your life change once you got your own Sisterlocs?

For me my cliental grew when I transitioned from traditional locks also called Dreads which I prefer not to use because our hair is not DREADFUL. The biggest part of my business transitioned to become the Sisterlocks educator.
When I first did my Sisterlocks Training I was shocked to see how much information there was on the behavior of natural hair. The physical demand on the body required to care for Sisterlocks was also a wake up call. Good diet and rest is required for one to be at tier optimum two provide premium service.

What are the most popular SL styles with your clients?

My clients love my speciality called the 4 in one. It usually starts looking like an updo, then it can be undone after 4 days for another look. I offer my clients ideas they can try after undoing their hair. This is also to show the client how to enjoy their own hair. sisterlocks

– What advice would you give someone considering Sisterlocks?

Arm yourself with as much information as possible. Get consultations from two different consultants if possible. SAVE your money – it’s and investment in yourself. You are worth it. There is something very special about the Sisterlocks woman. Sisterlocks might not be for every one, but most people wonder what took them so long.

How did becoming a Sisterlocks Master Stylist change your life?

My work travel had grown. Especially traveling around Africa, teaching and promoting Sisterlocks. I have my first ebook “Every style has a story.”
Since becoming a Sisterlocs Master stylist I also became a Sisterlocks Product Distributor for East Africa, South Africa and Zambia. I enjoy and love what I do every step of the way even when challenges come my way. Keeping a positive attitude is the key to my success. I look at challenges as character building days. Also trusting that this too shall pass, gives me hope to stay the course and stay encouraged.kirigo
I am now the Africa rep at the International Sisterlocks Head Office in San Diego. I have always hoped to keep my culture present as I do my work across the globe. That is what this natural hair journey has been for me- a way to always share my culture and heritage.

What is the procedure for getting Sisterlocks?

My advice to someone considering Sisterlocks is to first gain as much information as possible starting at and check the FAQs on our blog  or on Facebook Studio28



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