Wedding natural hair

Q: How can I wear my natural hair for my wedding? I am told I can only put it in braids or a weave.


A: Natural hair is very versatile and can be worn in its natural state even for very high-profile formal events. Depending on where your wedding will be, you may be able to get it professionally and safely straightened using a good quality blow-drier, plenty of heat protectant and a ceramic flat iron. There are several curly styles you can wear depending on the length of your hair and the tightness of your natural curl. A simple curly afro can look great for your wedding when paired with a bejeweled or floral hair accessory or a fascinator. Natural hair can be held in a simple or an elaborate updo and crowned with a tiara, pearls or a veil. Easy styles like twist-outs, braid-outs, twist-and-curls can be achieved if prepared the night before. Photos of these styles can be found in galleries on the internet when researching your bridal look. Natural hair can also be done in a curly straw-set or perm rod set for perfect spirals, ringlets or a curly-kit type of look. Remember to do a hair trial well in advance of your big day, that way you can discuss different options with your stylist and take into consideration the location, honeymoon maintenance and your individual personality.



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