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Why you don’t need this skin care product for your face

Remember the mantra for healthy skin,“Cleanse, tone, moisturize?” Well, it has changed. Cleanse? Yes. Moisturize? Definitely. Toner? No. Aestheticians, dermatologists and skin care experts are now endorsing serums as the new vital product in your 3-step skincare regimen. Toners are now defunct, or redundant. Nairobi-based Aesthetician Lily Potgieter advises, “You don’t need a toner after washing your face. They used to say toners were meant to remove any leftover dirt that your  ...

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Hair Care

Help! My new braids itch like crazy!

I just got my hair braided with extensions. It is itching like mad. What can I do to stop this? The question of how to deal with braids that itch is a common question on our Facebook group. In such cases, prevention is definitely better than cure. First off, when selecting extension hair to braid, avoid choosing very rough or hard extensions. These will not only itch, but they will irritate your scalp and snag and break your precious tresses due to excessive friction. Opt for softer brands  ...

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