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This Drink will Supercharge your Health

By Tricia Wanjala Suppose I told you an ancient drink exists that can transform your life today? A tonic nicknamed ‘Jewish penicillin’, because of it’s natural antibiotic effects? The same beverage Hollywood women are calling ‘Botox in a cup’ because of it’s youth-regenerating effects?  The Chinese call it ‘longevity tea.’ 12th-century Jewish physician Moshe Ben Maimonides recommended it to his patients for respiratory tract infections. Now in the 21st century science has proved  ...

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Hair Care

Will my hair survive Breastfeeding? Post partum hairloss prevention

Help for Post-Partum Hair Loss Question:  I am losing hair on my hairline due to breastfeeding. What can I do to save my hair? Babies bring much joy into our lives, but at a cost. Unfortunately, childbirth and lactation do take a toll on our bodies. Post-partum hair loss is deemed normal because of the hormonal effects of pregnancy. Joanne Stone, MD, Co-author of Pregnancy for Dummies explains that it is because the resting phase of hair growth is elongated during pregnancy, but once  ...

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