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Sheila Ndinda : Growing Healthy Natural Hair

By Sheila Ndinda, Natural Hair Blogger and Influencer Hey fam! Here’s my latest healthy hair update. One year and eight months have passed since I got my tapered cut and my hair has been flourishing. Its the healthiest it has ever been and I am very excited about that – Health over length any time! Through out my journey I have come to understand my hair, what it likes and what it does not like. I have thin hair strands and I avoid putting a lot of tension on my hair. I  ...

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Delicious Chocolate Smoothie Recipe (with a secret hair growth ingredient)

  Confession time : My name is Tricia and I am a Chocaholic. From my teens I had to have chocolate Later, I went into chocolate rehab and kicked the habit but it is still.a.struggle. Nowadays my defence is simple – I don’t buy any chocolate. Of course, when folks gift me with chocolate, that is another story….*sigh* But my other defence is to create delicious and healthy chocolate substitutes! Two weeks ago someone bought me a Haagen Daas chocolate  ...

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