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Craving Yellow : Growing into Womanhood and my Natural Hair Journey

  As many of you know, Tabitha Tongoi, aka Craving Yellow, has been around here in the motherland of Kenya. Tricia’s Naturals caught up with her for an exclusive interview on life as a global citizen embracing her natural hair and chasing sunshine! 🙂 TN: Tell us, when exactly did you leave home for the first time? I grew up in Kenya and moved to South Africa at the age of 17 to pursue my A-Levels. I then moved to the United States and thereafter the United Kingdom for University.  ...

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Delicious Chocolate Smoothie Recipe (with a secret hair growth ingredient)

  Confession time : My name is Tricia and I am a Chocaholic. From my teens I had to have chocolate Later, I went into chocolate rehab and kicked the habit but it is still.a.struggle. Nowadays my defence is simple – I don’t buy any chocolate. Of course, when folks gift me with chocolate, that is another story….*sigh* But my other defence is to create delicious and healthy chocolate substitutes! Two weeks ago someone bought me a Haagen Daas chocolate  ...

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