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This Drink will Supercharge your Health

By Tricia Wanjala Suppose I told you an ancient drink exists that can transform your life today? A tonic nicknamed ‘Jewish penicillin’, because of it’s natural antibiotic effects? The same beverage Hollywood women are calling ‘Botox in a cup’ because of it’s youth-regenerating effects?  The Chinese call it ‘longevity tea.’ 12th-century Jewish physician Moshe Ben Maimonides recommended it to his patients for respiratory tract infections. Now in the 21st century science has proved  ...

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Pineapple’s amazing Benefits for Smooth Skin and Hair Growth

Stop the presses! Pineapple does what??!! No doubt you already know that pineapple is high in vitamin C, which provides protection against colds and flu. You probably also know that it is good for weight loss because of its high fibre content. Bonus : It is also anti- helminithic, which means that it helps destroy intestinal parasites aka worms.   But that it has superpowers for skin and hair? Yasss!     Pineapple’s secret sauce can be summed up in one word: Bromelain. What’s  ...

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