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How to sleep with your Twist-out and Afro styles

The Best night-time routine to preserve your Twist-out or Afro. When our natural hair begins to gain length, it is normal to want to wear it out in a loose afro or in a voluminous twist-out. To prevent matting and tangling, we are told we should moisturise daily and put the hair in  twists nightly before bed. Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood commented on this during her trip to Kenya sometime back. It is vital to protect your hair and preserve the style when sleeping hence the need to  ...

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Why Steam your Natural Hair

  Q: Should I steam my hair? A: Steaming used to be widely popular as a method of treating your hair in many Kenyan salons. With time, though, the ubiquitous hair dryer replaced the steamer. The reason is not that the steamer was ineffective, but because it was expensive for the salon owners to invest in two gadgets when just one could do double-duty. With the advent of the Natural Hair Rennaissance in the U.S, many ladies who do their own hair at home realized the benefits of using  ...

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