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Jay Cee: How to Protect your Natural Hair without Weaving or Braiding

By Janet Chencha Some individuals express surprise when I tell them that I do not wear weaves, wigs or braided extensions. Friends have asked me how exactly I protect my hair since I don’t “protective style.” For those unaware of the term protective styling, these are styles that keep the ends of your hair tucked away. The goal is to protect it from friction, dryness, constant handling and protein loss. In my opinion, protection does not come from one particular style. It encompasses your  ...

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5 unconscious habits that could be ruining your skin!

By Naomi Nasinyari 5 Terrible Skin Care Habits to Break Today Are you frustrated with your skin? Has your face just been downright disrespectful of late? Have your pores been more disloyal than that old loser ex-boyfriend?Are you tired of spending money on one product after another only to remain with stubborn blemishes and breakouts? No matter how much moisturiser you slather onto your face, is it still chronically dry? Guess what – It probably is not WHAT you are applying, but how  ...

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