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Hair Care

Caring for Your Daughter’s Hair

When my daughter was born I was completely smitten. Gazing proudly at her thick black curls, rosy childhood dreams of doing my very own doll baby’s hair came to mind.  Little did I realize how much work would be involved! Two years later I sat with this squirming, screaming toddler in my lap, comb in my teeth, hair bobbles and pomade in my hand. Attempting to block out the high decibels of her cries, I embarked on the weekly battle of taming her long bushy tangles.  I recognized that as  ...

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Golden Milk – A tasty beverage for glowing health

One of the nightcaps I have fallen in love with is the popular Indian drink ‘golden milk.’ A subcontinent with over 500 million gods, perhaps the inventor derived her inspiration from the sacred cow. When you combine creamy milk with what they call ‘the spice of life,’ the result is phenomenal. No wonder Indians have been drinking it for thousands of years. Here is why golden milk may be one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. What is it? It is a comforting beverage, often consumed as a nightcap,  ...

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