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What Our Clients Say

I’m 3 years old in my natural hair journey. Before I discovered TN I was ready to give up I didn’t know how to take care of my hair. It’s been so helpful…. Thank you Tricia for starting this group.
They are the best at natural hair care… I just begun my journey and Tricia’s just made it a lot more easier for me
A lifesaver for my natural hair journey. Plus I’ve made true lasting friendships by virtue of this group.
love the strength and vibrancy of the TN community
I have been using organic and natural cosmetics since my teenage years, but I’ve never seen such a huge range of it in one place. Not only cosmetics, all they sell is highly organic and natural. Totally recommended.
U guys are heaven sent.too generous with what u know.I wonder what I would have done with my natural hair without your help.
everything you need for your natural hair care journey is foung here

”I had to shower and launch it ASAP! Smells so good and is so smooth on the body. Wow, wow, wow!”

”I can confidently say I’ve found a product my hair loves, the 3-in-1 hydrating cream. I used it and for once it’s super soft and remains so for days.”

”The little shampoo you put in smells great! And it makes my baby’s hair so soft!”

”I sampled the Sisterlocks Shampoo at the salon yesterday! It’s so foamy and I LOVE IT! Just got done with my starter shampoo & will definitely be moving to this.”

”Waah! I tell you your products are AMAZING! There’s this one that works wonders. The cream, I used it on my nieces today. Thanks so so much, I appreciate.”

”Tricia’s Naturals Hydrating butter. Well my hair loves this product most. The way it melts after using it just makes me love it more. It’s so hydrating and leaves it so soft. For some reason it helps stop the itching. The scent is a plus!”

”Rice Water, this has helped me grow my hairline back. I have used it for several months now and I can say I see a difference now. I’ll definitely be using this for a long time. Thank you for these amazing products Tricia’s.”

”And I’m feeling confident with my fro today because of your always AMAZING hair conditioner! But for real the hair conditioner has improved my difficult feelings about my hair sooooo much. I love it and intend to keep buying it for as long as I have hair.”

”Your Rice Water does wonders! I have stayed 2 months without using it and have seen a huge difference in my hair. Can’t wait to restart. Your products are AMAZING! Thank you so much! I am one of those brutally honest kind! Your products are the best. Please continue what you are doing.”

”The Hydrating Cream works so well on our toddler’s hair. We love it!”

”Thank you for holding the hands of us naturalistas for almost a decade now. I have been a member for I think 8 or 9 years now. Thank you so much!

”Hey Tricia! I’m so happy about all the new amazing products. Sorry I was unable to attend the beauty and wellness fair but no matter what, I love everything about Tricia’s Naturals and will keep talking about your products in every salon I’m at and every person I meet who asks for product recomendations. Your packaging is so beautiful and your formula is even better than what the package says. God bless you! Thank you

”My sister’s hair has been thriving since she started using your hair products. After 15 years of trying different products, she finally has stopped the search because yours is exactly what her hair needed.”

”My hair hasn’t felt nor looked like this in a loooong time…I used the Rice Water and set my hair and OMG it’s heavenly. No words, I just love it, love it!”

”I love the lipbalm. The best thing is that it has no scent. That was so well thought of!”

”Hi TrIcia. I love the Moisturizing Hair Cream, it’s light and fluffy, not too heavy for my hair- it’s high porosity and loves the product. When I applied it last weekend, my hair hasn’t needed any mor moisturizer since it soaked it well and left the hair soft. I only reapplied once or twice since I used the Aloe vera to get back a bit of the moisture. So far so good, wouldn’t have asked for a better product. Thank you!!”

”Hi girl! Truly truly appreciate the shampoo, conditioner and hair lotion, my hair loves those products.”

”Used the products waah, I couldn’t even believe it was my hair. And the scents are amazing! Well done and thank you!”

”Just did my child’s hair with the new products. Wash day was a breeze. I used the mask after the peppermint shampoo which she loooved. Then the rice water mist and the repair lotion before straightening, This also was painless cause the hair was nicely detangled.”

”Can we just acknowledge that my hair has grown finally. Rice Water Mist and Hydrating Cream are the truth!!”

”Hello Tricia. I have been given many compliments on my hair growth for the past few months and I just realised it has almost been a month since I started using your products and it may also be a contributing factor to the growth! Just thought to give you feedback…your products are really good with hair growth enhancement. So thank you!”

”The Detox Package I got is doing wonders for me For the first time in so long, I can really see what my 4C hair is capable of doing. You are on to something here!”

”Hey Tricia! Listen, your sanitizer is THE plug…I use it all day and my hands are so soft. its amazing. please don’t change the formula. So mayI please order some more, 10 large and 10 small. My fam and I are obsessed. Don’t discontinue even after this thing has passed. It’s really, really good!”

”Blessing my skin with this butter!”

”That Moisture Rich Body Butter is the bomb. The one you gave me faded my stretch marks and made my booty so smooth!”

”The Rice Water Spray is amazing! Please can we buy more?”

”This rice water spray is the best thing that my hair has ever encountered Tricia. My scalp completely stopped itching when I started it.”

”Gives the best results and is super moisturizing!”

”Oh and the shampoo is amazing! Just used it now and I love it. I had resigned on shampoos cause of how they strip my hair of moisturizer and make it cranky…so only been using shampoo bars but yours is great!”

”Hi Tricia I have used your products on two wash days (You may remember that I mentioned I only wash it every fortnight) I just wanted to let you know that my hair has responded very well to your products. No itching, no dryness, I stopped blowdrying after we spoke and it has been very manageable.”

”Totally in love with the body butter”

”Hi, hope you’re all well and safe. So I bought the Tricia’s Loc Moisturiser. Yaani if my scalp could speak, it would have said ‘aah’ You know that feeling of a cold drink on a hot day, that’s what it felt like. Thanks for the recommendation and enjoy your weekend!”

”Been using this butter from Tricia’s Naturals on myself and T. It has a mild sweet scent and it’s been whipped to the gawds!! It’s also great for eczema prone skin and sensitive skin. Great for babies too!”

”So grateful for Tricia’s Naturals which is 100% black female owned company.”

”Hi dear, I hope you had a great day. The Hiar Revival Rice Water- I’ve heard about it but now I can’t believe my eyes. Thank you so so much dear, also for the information about how the homemade onescan incubate harmful bacteria. You are the best. I really appreciate the love and tender care you put in our hair!”

”I got the rice water and hydrating cream!…sis please adopt me, I’m in loooove!”

”Hey girl! You are the best, I bought Tricia’s products- the Hair Revial oil and Hair Cream. Love the products!”

”Hey Tricia, the rice wateris still bae. It malizad the itch I just had today. The aloe vera is very soothing on the scalp.”

”Hey Tricia, Selam here, wanted tor rave about your products once more. My girls and I love the hydrating cream! It’s got everything I’ve been searching for in a hair cream but haven’t found before. The consistency is just right: it’s got great hold, but it’s not too heavy or sticky on the hair. The girls love the smell too! It’s such a treat.When I opened my daughter’s braids, the braid-out was so on point that she had to skip wash day to rock her hair.”

”I don’t use oils but noticed my back hair, where I sweat a lot, had build up even after washing…Boy was I glad the day I bought the clarifying shampoo. No residue and only two washes then you’re done. Good products Tricia!”

”I got your Rice water mist for my locs and it’s working wonders. I love that it leaves my hair feeling soft with no heavy oils. Definitely want to try the clarifying shampoo to deal with the build up.”

”The rice water smells so nice and theshampoo for sisterlocks sorted my issue with dry hair.”

”Hello, I got the products as recommended and my goodness it’s day 1 and my hair is already feeling so soft and moisturized.”

”I LOVE brands that excite me . That make me feel fresh and cute, Tricia’s Naturals, this is y’all all the way!”

”Hey girl, this is the best combination ever!! My hair retained moisture for a week! I was remisturizing on Sato night and haven;t washed my hair yet,willl do this week as it’s week two.I didn’t even have to use oil as I was remoisturizing. I just used the rice water,then the lotion followed by the 3-in-1 cream. I love that combination!”

”I used the shampoo for the first time, loved it, my scalp was not itchy and my locs were not dry after.”

It is the most natural hair,skin and wellness awakening of the Century

Kare Lotus Cynthia
Dana Kelley

I have learned a bunch of helpful tips on how to care for my natural hair. The ladies in this group are simply heaven sent!

Mariagorretti Gertrude Mueni
Isabel Arnold

I love Tricia natural.av learned more about Tricia . thanks alot to admin.

Scholah Mutua
Sarah Jefferson

Home to Naturals and hair enthusiasts in Nairobi. A well of knowledge as pertains to natural hair care.

Dee Rosslyn M
Aubree Schmidt

I'm 3 years old in my natural hair journey. Before I discovered TN I was ready to give up I didn't know how to take care of my hair. It's been so helpful.... Thank you Tricia for starting this group.

Kare Lotus Cynthia
Vanessa Little

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