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Blow Drying Natural Hair Tips

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Blow drying natural hair is not a bad idea but it has to be done properly to avoid destroying your hair.
Think about it this way, it is the same way you use heat to cook food without burning the house down.

  1. Preparation before blow drying is very important.
    Start by thoroughly detangling the hair, preferably with a previously done protein treatment.
    Hair must be covered in heat protection (silicone-based) and divided into sections. Medium to low heat should be used in small sections.
  2. Patience is key.
    Take your time. There is no rush. Don’t force the blow drier comb through your hair roughly. Ensure that your hair is handled gently and blow-dried in small sections.
  3. Absolutely NO high heat.
    For yourself, DO NOT allow anyone to use high heat on your hair. If there is a burning smell or smoke STOP immediately. Avoid get the hair bone straight and settle for ‘kausha’ or basic straightening.
  4. For children below 5 years, skip blow-drying. Ensure that someone gentle handles their hair when it is damp, detangled and has leave-in conditioner.
    NOTE: blow dry should be an occasional occurrence, not a regular activity. A few times a year, when done properly, is okay. For day to day, or weekly straightening our admin Evie Dondi recommends African threading. To learn more about African threading, follow Girls Love Your Curls or watch their videos.
    What are your questions about blow-drying? Haircare? maintenance? Comment below and our admins will respond to your queries Sign up for our weekly email to get personalized hair updates.

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