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    It is the most natural hair,skin and wellness awakening of the Century

    Kare Lotus Cynthia
    Dana Kelley

    I have learned a bunch of helpful tips on how to care for my natural hair. The ladies in this group are simply heaven sent!

    Mariagorretti Gertrude Mueni
    Isabel Arnold

    I love Tricia natural.av learned more about Tricia . thanks alot to admin.

    Scholah Mutua
    Sarah Jefferson

    Home to Naturals and hair enthusiasts in Nairobi. A well of knowledge as pertains to natural hair care.

    Dee Rosslyn M
    Aubree Schmidt

    I'm 3 years old in my natural hair journey. Before I discovered TN I was ready to give up I didn't know how to take care of my hair. It's been so helpful.... Thank you Tricia for starting this group.

    Kare Lotus Cynthia
    Vanessa Little