Diet and Hair

We have talked about diet in this group so I’ll not go into detail, but the number one thing that you can do starting today is to reduce sugar. I have a sweet-tooth, so I understand sugar makes everything taste so good. But sugar is so bad for you. I know you all know this and those of you who don’t, sugar is a metabolic poison and it is really bad for your hair growth, for your health in general. The way it works is if we take too much sugar in our tea, in soft drinks, pastries, whatever we are eating in the course of the day, if our sugar is too much, then it is going to spike our insulin and that messes with our other hormones and the liver produces DHT which as you know dehrotestorone , I belive is something that causes alopecia. It messes with the hair growth. Even in men there is DHT so we just want to reduce any likelihood of that by reducing the sugar.

In our diet, if we reduce sugar and increase water automatically that is really going to help with our scalp health and it will prevent things like dandruff, alopecia, etc not all forms of alopecia but the one that could be caused by excessive DHT.

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Kare Lotus Cynthia
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I have learned a bunch of helpful tips on how to care for my natural hair. The ladies in this group are simply heaven sent!

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I love Tricia natural.av learned more about Tricia . thanks alot to admin.

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Home to Naturals and hair enthusiasts in Nairobi. A well of knowledge as pertains to natural hair care.

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I'm 3 years old in my natural hair journey. Before I discovered TN I was ready to give up I didn't know how to take care of my hair. It's been so helpful.... Thank you Tricia for starting this group.

Kare Lotus Cynthia
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