Help for Childhood Ringworms

Q: My 5 year old daughter has round patches on her head that resemble the ringworms we had as kids. Her hair is shoulder-length so I don’t want to shave her head. What can I do to get rid of them?

A: Thank you for your query. The information given in this column is not a substitute for medical advice. I would urge you to have her seen by a doctor to recommend the correct medication. If you are absolutely certain that it is ringworm, a qualified Pharmacist in your area can also give you the appropriate cream for treatment. Medical professionals recommend that you give your child an oral anti fungal medication along with the topical cream. Ensure that you finish the tube completely, even after the skin appears to have cleared up. Ringworm is caused by a fungal infection (not a worm) and it can be contagious. Therefore do not allow your child to share combs, hats or brushes. Disinfect combs after use. To answer your question, you will not need to cut your child’s hair but if your child is prone to itching, have her wear a protective cap to avoid spreading the infection. Your child’s hair will gradually grow and fill in the bald patches if you continue treatment until completion.

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