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Help for thinning Hair post-menopause

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Q : Hi, looking for a scalp oil that an elderly lady can use .. she’s balding and would like to grow her hair back. Any recommendations? Thanks for this question. With age hair normally experiences thinning. This is due to slowing down of the metabolism and resultant nutritional deficiencies. She would need to address it internally as well through diet and supplementation and possibly even herbs if she is open to it. We do have a Procapil hairline restoration serum. Procapil is a medicated inrgedient that is clinically proven to restore thickness and slow down breakage. (It’s comparable to minidoxil but without the side effects.) It works slowly since hair growth is something that takes time. But if used consistently it works. You’ll just have to manage her expectations because of age. Note that for hair growth she will need to eat a nutrient dense diet rich in minerals such as those found in fermented porridge, small fish, moringa, baobab, red meat/liver and traditional veggies. Hair growth is also benefited from eating healthy fats like avocado, kienyeji eggs, coconut oil, ghee etc. Let her look into the Weston Price diet for more info

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