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We are passionate about helping you learn simple and effective techniques to get the hair, skin, and body that you deserve. Our brand has a strong emphasis on non-toxic, natural ingredients made from Africa’s Bountiful, healing Botanicals.

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“I sampled the sisterlocks shampoo at a salon yesterday! It’s so foamy and I LOVE IT! Just got done with my starter shampoo and will be definitely  moving to this.”

Angela M

“This spray is the best thing that my hair has ever encountered Tricia… My scalp completely stopped itching when I started on it… I love love looove. ”

Rose G

“I can confidently say I have found a product my hair loves… The 3 in 1 hydrating cream. I used it and for once, my hair is super soft & remains so for days”

Marcel S

“Wash day today and my hair loves Tricia. The hair miracle mask is amazing! And my twists love the hydrating hair cream. Thank you Tricia.”

Eev Mwangangi

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Help for thinning Hair post-menopause

Q : Hi, looking for a scalp oil that an elderly lady can use .. she’s balding and would like to grow her hair back. Any recommendations?
Thanks for this question. With age hair normally experiences thinning. This is due to slowing down of the metabolism and resultant nutritional deficiencies. She would need to address it internally as well through diet and supplementation and possibly even herbs if she is…..

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Concealing lint on locs.

Q: We recently went on a beach holiday and I allowed my locs to go free. I swam, played in the sand and did not cover them at night. I also used the white hotel towels to dry my hair. Now they are full of lint, in spite of several ACV and bicarbonate rinses. What can I do?
A: It sounds like you…..

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How to go Natural Without chopping off your hair

Q: My hair is my crown and I am not comfortable shaving it all off. How do I switch from relaxed hair to natural hair?
A: We receive this question regularly. You can transition to natural hair smoothly without cutting your hair by doing four things:
1) Avoid relaxers completely. Stop applying relaxers to all …..

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It is the most natural hair,skin and wellness awakening of the Century

Kare Lotus Cynthia
Dana Kelley

I have learned a bunch of helpful tips on how to care for my natural hair. The ladies in this group are simply heaven sent!

Mariagorretti Gertrude Mueni
Isabel Arnold

I love Tricia natural.av learned more about Tricia . thanks alot to admin.

Scholah Mutua
Sarah Jefferson

Home to Naturals and hair enthusiasts in Nairobi. A well of knowledge as pertains to natural hair care.

Dee Rosslyn M
Aubree Schmidt

I'm 3 years old in my natural hair journey. Before I discovered TN I was ready to give up I didn't know how to take care of my hair. It's been so helpful.... Thank you Tricia for starting this group.

Kare Lotus Cynthia
Vanessa Little