How do I get started with using false lashes?

……………………………………………………………………………………………………….I love the versatility and creativity false lashes offer. When talking serious glamorous look, ashes are the icing on the cake. Popular with brides, celebrities and runway models, lashes are now readily available and affordable. A number of ladies have indicated that they would love to know how to use false lashes for that extra special occasion or date night.

            Individual lashes the hardest since they require a very steady hand, but full sets are much easier to use. Practice  several times at home before that important occasion so you don’t get any unwanted surprises. You will get to understand in advance how they feel, and whether you are applying enough adhesive to last through whatever event you want to wear them.

1.      Trim your false lashes to fit your eyes. Using sharp scissors, trim just a little at a time at an angle for a more natural look. Hold them on your eyelid and seeing how well they fit.  Be sure they don’t extend past your eyelid as this will be uncomfortable. Reserve the longest clusters for the outside corners of your eyes.

2.      2. Now apply your adhesive along the base of the lash – a toothpick works well for this. Give the adhesive about a minute to become tacky. Hold the lash with a tweezer and wedge it into the outer corner of your eye as close to your own lashline.

3.      While looking in the mirror, start applying your false eyelashes at the inside corner.  Use your fingers or a cotton bud to gently press and hold the false eyelashes as close to your lash line as possible. Keep pressing until they are completely dry.

4.      Use liquid eyeliner to create a finished look. Mascara and eyelash curlers are optional.

4.      To remove, never pull your lashes off without eye makeup remover. Use a cotton ball and soak them with remover or oil and gently peel off once the strip has loosened.

5.      Remember practice makes perfect! Correctly applying falsies can lift your spirits and make you feel like a celebrity!

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