How to Determine Your Hair Type

When we first return to natural hair, the journey can be extremely confusing. To understand the needs of our hair it is important to determine what our individual hair type is. Most people of African descent have either type 3 hair or type 4 hair. Type 3 is curly or wavy and Type 4 is coily with much tighter curls. The majority of people in our region fall under this category. What you need to know is that type 4 hair is the driest category. This is due to the tight curls that block our body’s sebum from traveling to the ends of your hair after they emerge from our scalp. This hair type requires heavier, deeper moisturizing ingredients to the hair retain length. Many individuals with Type 4 hair also have low porosity hair. This means that the hair dries quickly, and has a sponge-like texture where it sucks up moisture. This hair type requires daily hydration with a spritz, and a moisturizer which has water as the first ingredients. To reduce moisture loss you will also need to seal in the moisture with a heavy cream, oil or butter.

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