Here’s a scenario, it’s early in the morning and you are expected at work in a few hours. You have a presentation so you must look good in every aspect.
You have your outfit planned and the last thing you have to tackle is your mane, but there’s a problem…..
Your hair has refused to ‘can.’ It feels dry, brittle, and frizzy. The curls are not “popping” as you’d envisioned.

This raises the question, how do you moisturize tight curls in a pinch?

One quick way to moisture it is to use a water-based, leave-in mist. This will give your mane the moisture it needs until you reach your next wash day.

Water is the only way to actually hydrate your hair. Hydrated hair is more pliable and stronger, making it easier for your hair to hold styles and get a more defined curl. But water on its own evaporates. It is also at the wrong pH i.e 6 or 7 whereas your hair needs a pH of 4.5. A professionally formulated leave-in spray of pH 4.5 is best especially our Tricia’s Naturals Rice Water Leave in Conditioner.

Adding more moisture to your routine is easy!

Other Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

  1. Use a Clarifying or Purifying Shampoo A clarifying shampoo uses a stronger cleansing surfactant to cut through the build-up. Clarifying your hair helps to foster an environment that promotes healthy hair growth. The temptation to use heavier products like shea butter and castor oil is real.But that can lead to a huge unseen problem… build up!!!You have to bust through that build up in order for your hair to get properly moisturized. A clarifying shampoo is the best way to get it done.

Washing is the BEST way to hydrate and revitalize your hair because the hair shaft swells and takes in moisture from the actual water intake in the shower. You can wash as frequently as every 3 days with a co-wash, and once a week using a proper surfactant-based clarifying shampoo. According to the book ‘Wash your Damn Hair,’ this is the proven system by African American cosmetologists to revive, define  and revitalize your curls.

  1. Deep Condition.

 -Conditioning Treatments lock in moisture after you cleanse your hair.

This strengthens and softens the hair by smoothing the cuticle layer of your strands.
-Deep Conditioners also:

  • Help prevent breakage
  • Slow the formation split ends
  • Lubricates your hair for easier detangling of your tightly curled hair.

4. Avoid blow-drying unless done with a diffuser or on low heat with heat protectant products.
5. Sleep with a buff, a silk or satin bonnet or a pillow.

We at Tricia’s Naturals are happy to walk with you on the Natural hair journey to help you reach your health and length goals. Shop now to get free delivery countrywide on any of our hair products from our website

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