How to wash hair in braids

There are several methods to maintain clean braids. Some individuuals like to periodically wipe the scalp with surgical spirit or some other disinfectant.

The best way to maintain clean hair is to wash it. Every two to four weeks, saturate your braids with water, and use a well-diluted clarifying shampoo. Opt for one with a nozzle cap so you can concentrate it on the scalp. The shampoo to water ratio should be 80:20.

Using the balls of your fingers, gently but thoroughly scrub your scalp to loosen and remove dirt, and dead skin cells. Turn your head upside down and rinse thoroughly. Squeeze the hair at the roots since this is where residue likes to hide.

Apply conditioner to the ends, avoiding the scalp, and rinse off thoroughly after 10-20 minutes. Do not blow dry. Instead, wrap your braids with a microfiber towel, a large old Tshirt or a leso until dry.

Schedule your wash session for early in the day to give your braids adequate time to dry.

Daily moisturise your braids using a light oil spritz. Sleep with a satin cap to prevent your braids from becoming frizzy.

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