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Moisturize your Hair before it gets Dry

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This I learned for a natural hair enthusiast with waist-length hair. We always talk about moisture in TN.
e know there are members from all over Africa and the diaspora in this group, Nigeria where the humidity is better than Nairobi, the US, Europe. But the majority are in Kenya. Unless you are blessed to live in Mombasa the rest of us are struggling with low humidity and dry environment.

So this information is really vital. We must moisturize our hair before it gets dry.

What does that mean?

When your hair is loose, most of us wear our hair in prospective styles, when it is loose it is much easier to tell the health of your hair.
In terms of moisturizing our hair, we have to make it the gospel, we have to make it a habit whereby we moisturize it constantly. By constantly I don’t mean every day but at least twice a week. The way we do this is on the wash day which could be weekly or every two weeks or more, make sure you take time to put in a leave-in conditioner on wet hair. Don’t let your hair dry out because once it dries out it becomes more tangled, and the dryness starts, the strands lose their elasticity, there is friction. So you don’t want your hair to dry out completely on wash day. When your hair is damp or a little more than damp, still wet, is a good time to put in your leave-in conditioner and then seal that with an oil or butter. We all know how to do that.

Once that is done we have to keep straying our hair. Use a spray bottle. Keep it on your bedside table or in a place you will remember. Spray your hair daily. I am on my daughter’s case to moisturize her hair daily. It is important to keep misting our hair with our leave-in conditioner or daily spritz. Sometimes depending on where you live you can carry a small spritz bottle in your handbag because sometimes you realise your hair feels dry or you have not sprayed it in two days, just pull it out of your bag and spray your hair with your leave in conditioner.

For those making them at home there are wonderful humectants? Like aloe vera, you have your oils, all of that will be covered in another post and it has been covered exhaustively.

If you are wearing your hair lose in an afro or a twist out then the maximum length of time you should go without moisturizing is 3 days. Because after 3 days most of the moisture has evaporated. Even if your style is still looking fresh, after 3 days moisturize with the spray and seal it in with a leave-in conditioner and an oil.

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