Overconditioning your natural hair

Overconditioning your natural hair

Q: My natural hair is soft and wavy, kimira hair. It grows fast, but it sheds a lot and cannot hold a style like a twist out or a set. I regularly apply strengthening treatmenst and I even sleep with the treatment before washing in the morning. Why is my hair still breaking?

A: You are to be commended for your diligence in moisturising and deep conditioning your hair. Regular treatments are essential for combating the effects of the elements and reducing the possibility of breakage due to dehydration of the hair.

However, the saying goes that too much of anything is poison. It appears that you may be weakening your hair by leaving your treatment in for too long. Kenyan Cosmetic Scientist J.C of the Natural Haven Bloom, explains that research has not shown any additional retention of treatment once left in for more than 30 minutes. Instead, the excessive conditioner may reduce tensile strength of the hair shafts.

This can result in excessive shedding. Try leaving your treatment in, using heat, for only 30 minutes and then rinse it out. Also, remember that to balance your hair’s needs, alternate between protein and moisture treatments and pay attention to how your hair feels after each one.

If your hair feels too hard or brittle, skip the next protein treatment. If it is soft, limp and mushy, skip the moisture and do a protein treatment. These steps should remedy your current breakage.

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