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  • Hair Revival Purifying Peppermint Shampoo 250ml

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    • Discover pure moisture with this pH balanced gentle cleansing shampoo. Created for both natural and relaxed hair, this botanical shampoo combines a smooth deep cleansing action with the invigorating and power of peppermint essential oil. Our formula is ideal for frequent use. Its unique herbal complex provides rich purifying, detangling and refreshing results for your hair and scalp. Helps to nourish and strengthen hair while protecting against breakage.
    • Moisture rich formula leaves hair silky smooth
    • Directions: Shampoo thoroughly then follow with Tricias Naturals Hair Revival Conditioner or Treatment
  • Hair Revival Rice Water Leave-In Mist 250 Ml

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    • Bringing you all the goodness and hair growth effects of rice water without the hassle and smell of homemade! Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and easily absorbed hair nutrients it combines modern nanotechnology with the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Yao women. Inositol delivers deep penetrating strengthening properties proven to aid in length retention.
    • Our leave in mist helps detangle, soften, nourish and protect your natural hair. Whether in a protective style or loose natural, this professional product will instantly make your natural hair routine easier and less stressful.
    • Use to refresh your twists, lines or plaits, hydrate your curls and soothe your scalp. Use after washing and before you apply our 3 in 1 hydrating hair butter. Use for your little one to make undoing hair more painless. Fortified with Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera and plant-derived fatty acids it delivers reliable results especially with prolonged use.
    • Water soluble, no buildup formula. No parabens, no mineral oil, no sulphates, no petrolatum, no nasties . Safe for use on children.
  • Happylocs Beginners Shampoo 250Ml

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    • Great news for locs!
    • We understand how difficult it can be to find a shampoo that’s suitable to start your new locks on the sisterlocks journey.
    • Give them a great start with our hardworking cleansing shampoo that carefully combines the interlocking process with simultaneously nourishing and protecting your locs.
    • Enriched with hydrolized protein this shampoo fortifies your locs while keeping them properly cleansed. Its powerful formular restores luster and shine while clearing dirt from deep within.
  • Happylocs Daily Moisturizer Spritz 250ml

    Happylocs Spritz 250ml



    Happylocs purple tea moisture mist 250ml

    Happylocs anti-itch spray 250ml

    Happylocs anti-breakage moisture spray 250ml


    Our rosemary hydrosol is
    crafted in Eastern Africa
    via water-steam
    distillation of the fresh
    flowering plant
    Rosemarie officinalis.



    Rosmarinus Officinalis,


    Spray lightly onto your
    beginner Sisterlocks.
    Use as needed to
    maintain moisture and
    boost length retention.
    It is soothing to the scalp
    and helps stimulate hair
    growth through improved
    Rosemary Hydrosol is a
    cooling herbal complex
    that is loaded with
    antimicrobial, antioxidant,
    and anti-inflammatory
    Excellent tonic for
    sensitive scalps.

  • Tricia’s Naturals 3 in 1 Hydrating Hair Cream -250ml

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    This 100% organic hair moisturiser is designed to soften, strengthen and detangle your hair. It is a 3-in-1 combination of natural softening humectants such as aloe vera and panthenol. It contains powerful botanical hair growth ingredients such as biotin, rosemary extract and vitamin B5. Nourished with the rich oils of avocado, calendula and soothing lavender, this hydrating cream is what your hair has been crying for. Use as a leave-in, a styler, a plaiting pudding or a setting cream. It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

  • Tricia’s Naturals Happylocs Gentle Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo 250ml

    Buy the Tricia’s Naturals sisterlocs gentle clarifying Charcoal shampoo 250ml – online at Tricia Naturals in Kenya-Powered by Mzizzi


    DIRECTIONS:This shampoo contains powerful but mild clarifying ingredients. Designed with African Botanicals, it removes dirt, sebum and build-up without stripping your locs. Best used together with our Sisterlocks Daily Moisture Mist.

    • Has been designed with remarkable cosmetic nanotechnology to protect and to make your locs thrive.
    • Packed in a stylish 250ml bottle of shampoo.
    • Formulated to restore fullness and sheen by removing build-up.
    • Serves as a regular detox to banish product build-up, hard water residue, and pollutants.
    • Designed to curb excessive itching and shedding.
    • Contains perfect cleaning, hydrating and healing properties.
  • Tricia’s Naturals Happylocs Moisturizer spritz for Sisterlocks and Traditional locs 250ml

    Buy the Tricia’s Naturals Sisterlocs Moisturizer spritz 250ml – online at Tricia Naturals in Kenya-Powered by Mzizzi


    • Directions for use : Spray a generous amount onto damp hair after washing with our Sisterlocks Shampoo.
    • For daily use : Allow your locs to get slightly damp from the shower steam. Spray with our Sisterlocks Moisture Spritz. Shake and go!
    • Alternatively: Spray onto your locs concentrating on the ends prior to sleeping.
    • Our Tricia’s Naturals bestselling Sisterlocs Moisture Spritz was developed 2 years ago. It was born from a real need to provide lasting hydration and to protect and maintain the integrity of sisterlocks in our African climate. The equatorial heat means we often experience excessive dryness and breakage.
      Tricia’s Naturals daily moisture spritz contains an ideal balance of natural humectants such as aloe vera and glycerin. Water soluble lanolin gently coats and nourishes the hair shaft, while biomimetic keratin seals and repairs cuticle damage from colour and from the environment.
    • Our light, residue-free formula is designed to care for your sisterlocks without leaving build up. It contains world-class conditioning agents, and is pH balanced for the health of your hair and scalp.
    • Infused with the famous Leleshwa essential oil, a potent African botanical long used among the Maasai tribe. Leleshwa is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-dandruff properties. We use sustainably sourced Leleshwa from Indigenous Communities in the Rift Valley
  • Tricia’s Naturals Rose Water 250ml

    Hydrate your locs and your skin with pure natural Rose Water. Ideal for locs and scalp health, this pH balanced hydrosol is recommended by trusted locticians and beauticias. Spray daily or as needed onto locs-mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil depending on the needs of your scalp. For beautiful skin use plain rose water in place of your regular toner after washing and prior to moisturizing. Free next day delivery

  • Ultra Hydrating Happylocs Shampoo 250Ml

    Buy the Tricia?s Naturals Ultra Hydrating Sisterlocks Shampoo 250Ml ? online at Tricia Naturals in Kenya-Powered by Mzizzi


    • Finally! A rich moisturising shampoo for mature sisterlocks.
    • This pH balanced formula effectively cleanses locs without leaving them dry and brittle.
    • Suitable for locs that are more than a year old or that have been approved by your loctician to be fully formed.
    • Sisterlocs in our climate are often prone to excessive dryness.
    • This moisturising shampoo provides softening and cleansing for weekly use and frequent washing.
    • Enjoy the freedom of soft, hydrated sisterlocks with our rich botanical shampoo.