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  • Ultra Hydrating Happylocs Shampoo 250Ml

    Buy the Tricia?s Naturals Ultra Hydrating Sisterlocks Shampoo 250Ml ? online at Tricia Naturals in Kenya-Powered by Mzizzi


    • Finally! A rich moisturising shampoo for mature sisterlocks.
    • This pH balanced formula effectively cleanses locs without leaving them dry and brittle.
    • Suitable for locs that are more than a year old or that have been approved by your loctician to be fully formed.
    • Sisterlocs in our climate are often prone to excessive dryness.
    • This moisturising shampoo provides softening and cleansing for weekly use and frequent washing.
    • Enjoy the freedom of soft, hydrated sisterlocks with our rich botanical shampoo.