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Protective Styles

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When styling your hair there are a few considerations to keep in mind to protect both your hair and your hairline.

1.PAIN during installation is a signal that you need to communicate to your stylist. They cannot read your mind so you must inform them of the need to REDUCE TENSION. Tension leads to breakage so that is a no-no.

2. HAIRLINE must be left out. Pull all those baby hairs to the front of your head and do not let them be incorporated into the braids or lines. Lay them with gel instead. If you don’t have baby hairs, still you must leave a perimeter before the braids/lines begin so that your future hairline can grow back there.

3. Prior to installation, ensure your hair is healthy and stretched and thoroughly detangled.

4. Keep your scalp CLEAN and healthy for optimal hair growth. Never go more than a month without cleansing your scalp or washing your hair.

5. When undoing the locs/faux locs/crochet always follow instructions from the professional who installed them. Take your time, and moisten with coconut oil, conditioner, or a warm ACV spray. Be patient and detangle each individual group of hairs immediately after undoing the plait. Do not wait to detangle after undoing the whole head, as this can allow them to matt and tangle leading to further breakage.

6. With crochet braids, ensure they are not done too tight and ensure that the lines are loose. Otherwise when undoing, you will lose hair from the use of scissors or a razor blade or just from excessive tightness.

We will share more tips from Margie Muga tin a subsequent post.

Any more questions about your protective style? Are you considering getting one done? Or have you had a good/bad experience?

Please share in the comments.

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