Rice Water and Hair Growth Update

I did promise that I would try it and I will be using it weekly and giving you updates. I did apply the rice water for about 10 minutes. I wanted to keep it in for 30 minutes maybe even several hours but I listened to my scalp. My scalp was like, we have already done a protein treatment so this is good enough. I washed it after 10 minutes and my hair does feel stronger. We will see… people report that there is less shedding, and  it is shinier … I will update you on that. There are no miracle results that come immediately. But some people say that after one use they do  feel a difference. I will keep you posted.

The other points about rice water are:

  1. The best way to use rice water for your hair is to wash the rice and ferment it in distilled water. I didn’t ferment mine because I didn’t have time so I washed the rice and used it immediately which is also fine. The pH was also fine, I tested it with my pH strips. But the best water to use if you really want maximum results is distilled water. The way you distill water at home  if you don’t want to bother with buying distilled water from the supermarket . boil water in a kettle and let it cool overnight.  In the morning when it is cooled, that is distilled water. Or ironized water because now the minerals and things from the tap water have evaporated. So you can use that water to make your fermented rice water mix.
  2. Remember after 24hours, put it in the fridge, after 3 days throw it out. It is best used if you rinse it out 30 minutes to a few hours afterwards.  Don’t use it as a leave-in.
  3. if you do use rice water regularly, use it weekly or a few days a week, always feel your hair; learn to listen to what your hair is telling you. This is whether you have rice water, natural hair, dreadlocks, afro, whatever, listen to your hair. If you feel like your hair is getting crunchy, its getting hard, its getting brittle, that means that the rice, the hydrolised rice protein, which is what is in the water, has become too much for your hair. That means you need to tone it down, and go back to moisturising conditioners or moisturising leave-ins.

Whatever you try on your hair, learn to listen to your hair.

If you have any questions or comments get in touch with us we will help you best we can. If we don’t know the answer we will research, ask our experts – our Facebook group is full of experts, doctors, tricologists, nurse, hairstylists, locticians, so, we are here to walk with you this journey.

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